JourneyBlog #17 #villalenalife

Today I'm spending my last Friday at Villa Lena. I'm not going to do the full debrief today, but I am feeling a massive sense of urgency to work through my last images of the residency in my last three days here. 

This week was all about bringing it together. After a lot of trial and error and experimentation I have landed on the concept and design of my next series. It's called "Chroma" and it builds on my fascination around the cities we live in. You may have seen this evolve in my work over the past months, using colour as a way to show our urban surrounds in a hyper-real way. I'm really excited about it, even more so to see what some time away can do for the mind as far as creative is concerned.

In the last week I spent a lot of time in the Villa as well as a couple of days in Florence and a trip to Carrara. I have been shooting with Chroma in mind. Below are a couple of shots from my trip to Florence. Let me know what you think! 

I have a few more days left here in the Villa then I'm off to Rome to do some new shooting for Sony before making the daunting almost 24 hour trip home to Melbourne!

Till the next one... 

It's cold, it's snowing and I just want to shoot.

It's been a little hectic the last few weeks. Work has been demanding and I bought a sous vide. Both have had my attention, and rightly so. Today the girls and I decided to make good on the cold winds passing through Melbourne and set out on an adventure to find the source. Well, sort of.  Today we set out to find snow and Mount Donna Buang was today's destination. It only took us a couple of hours to get there, while driving it took a little while to understand what Asher was repeating the whole way up the mountain, turns out it was "snowman". We did build a snowman and I did take some photos. Here they are;



Day trip, Olinda.

Today our journey took us east of Melbourne. Olinda is a little over an hour east of Melbourne, not too far away from the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Garden we visited last week. It was cold but incredibly beautiful. Single lens today, Canon 50mm 1.4, I love this lens a lot. 

A day out in dandenong

It's been a long time since I've been up to the Dandenongs, east of Melbourne. The girls and I decided to jump in the car and make the most of the public holiday. Adam, a great mate of mine from Ueda Sōko Ryū Australia told me about the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens, a fascinating and beautiful gardens which was funded from a successful venture manufacturing Aspro. Crazy stuff. So, here are some shots, if you get the chance, go for a visit!! 

Weekend away

I've just returned from a fantastic weekend away with my girls. We shot over to Kyneton, which is about an hour north of Melbourne by car. We stayed in a awesome little converted workers train carriage from around the 1860's. I managed to sneak in some shots while we were away just before the rain came along. Nice autumn colours everywhere!


Revisiting some images and experimenting with some new processing

I'm enjoying a pretty relaxed weekend, its been a while since we have had a clear calendar and I'm using it to revisit some images.

Today I'm working through some images I took while in New Zealand last year. It's actually something I love doing, revisiting a body of images from a while ago. Typically when I shoot on location I take a ridiculous amount of frames. I mean ridiculous. For me this works really well, I try to set aside time to revisit these images as often as I can. Each time I do, I find that I see new stuff and my output becomes more refined. 

My processing is also something that is constantly changing. For this round, I wanted to concentrate on the colour of the sky. This particular hue of blue is a hue that I love a lot. 

So here they are, some images of the beautiful mountains in the south of New Zealand. 

New website and some new work

Its been a big weekend. This weekend we have launched a brand spanky new website! We have tried to consolidate much of the content from the previous website, hopefully its a bit easier to find your way around. Let me know what you think!



I decided to blow the dust off some older images today. I often find myself going through older shoots, each time I do I end up seeing something new. My treatments are also something that are constantly changing. I decided to play around with some darker tones today. This is a shot of NYC from a heli, man it was fun!