Revisiting some images and experimenting with some new processing

I'm enjoying a pretty relaxed weekend, its been a while since we have had a clear calendar and I'm using it to revisit some images.

Today I'm working through some images I took while in New Zealand last year. It's actually something I love doing, revisiting a body of images from a while ago. Typically when I shoot on location I take a ridiculous amount of frames. I mean ridiculous. For me this works really well, I try to set aside time to revisit these images as often as I can. Each time I do, I find that I see new stuff and my output becomes more refined. 

My processing is also something that is constantly changing. For this round, I wanted to concentrate on the colour of the sky. This particular hue of blue is a hue that I love a lot. 

So here they are, some images of the beautiful mountains in the south of New Zealand.